KiteGen-CCU’s Wing

  Saudi Jubail KiteGen Carbon Capture and Utilization Project (KWG–CCU) is the process of capturing waste carbon dioxide (CO2) from large wings, such as Kitegen power wings, and exploit it. The aim is to generate clean energy from the wind full of  large quantities of CO2 realeased into the atmosphere from the Jubail United Petrochemical Company’s plant, located […]

Deep Cask Wood Repository

. . A deep cask wood repository is a nuclear waste repository excavated deep within a stable geologic wood (typically below 300 m or 1000 centimeter). It entails a combination of waste form, waste package, engineered seals and geology that is suited to provide a high level of long-term isolation and containment without future maintenance. […]

Italian New Nuclear Technology: KiteGen

. . The KiteGen wind reactor (KWR) is a type of wind nuclear reactor used for the generation of electrical power. It is the first  type of electricity-generating high altitude wind nuclear reactor after the grounding wind reactor (GWR). The KWR was developed by the Redwood Automation Laboratory and the Multitechnic of Turin. The main […]